Crafting Dreams: The Story of A's Custom Ruby and Diamond Ring

Crafting Dreams: The Story of A's Custom Ruby and Diamond Ring

Creating a custom piece of jewellery is a truly magical experience, where artistry and sentimental value blend together. I recently had the pleasure to create a unique, one-of-a-kind ring for A. Combining the beauty of a ruby, heirloom diamonds, and the cherished gold from her grandmother's ring, A's custom creation captures her individuality and holds profound personal significance.

Beginning of a Vision:

A stepped into Made You Look Jewellery, my favorite Toronto stockist, and she absolutely fell in love with the asymmetrical style I portray in my creations. A then wanted to have her own personalized ring.

Collaboration and Design:

The collaboration between us began with a series of questions to better understand her needs. A shared her preferences, highlighting her deep affection for asymmetrical styles. She expressed her desire to include her beautiful ruby and heirloom diamonds, as well as incorporate the sentimental gold from her grandmother's ring. With these insights, I sketched out three distinct options for A's consideration

Choosing the Perfect Design:

The sketches unveiled a world of possibilities, each representing a unique expression of A's personality and style. After consideration, A's heart was set on the first design. It perfectly captured the essence of her vision, evoking a sense of elegance and individuality that resonated deeply with her. To make sure she was sure of her choice, I then proceeded to make a 3D rendering of the ring before proceeding in production.

With the design approved, the production stage started. I worked with the best jewellers and setters in the Montreal jewellery industry to transform her dream into a reality. 

A was out of Toronto and couldn't receive her ring at Made You Look, so I had the ring shipped directly to her mother's house. Since this ring would be an heirloom piece to transcend generations, A wanted to share the unboxing experience with her. 


As soon as she received the parcel, she sent me a heartwarming message:

"I just arrived and opened the ring last night with my mom. I absolutely LOVE it—it’s gorgeous and showcases the stones in such a unique way. You’ve created a new family heirloom for us!
Working with you has been such a wonderful experience—thank you so much for your flexibility and patience. "

Would you have a custom ring created for you?

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