Our Story

You are unique. Like your jewellery should be!

I make luxurious, classic jewellery with a twist for women who wants to stand out. For their engagement ring, to the earrings that everyone asks, where did you get them? Everything is created with style in mind. In fact, asymmetry and colors are in the center of my collections, as it is always too late to settle with boring jewellery!

My jewellery collection is made to last a lifetime and perfect for someone like you who:

  • Wants to invest in luxury jewellery that embodies what you represent
  • Wants to encourage female owned businesses who puts their ethical and sustainable values up front
  • Appreciates unique designs over simple solitaires
Let’s find the perfect piece of jewellery to represent who you are!

My Story

I’m the designer behind the brand and of course, an artist at heart. I’ve always been interested in multiple creative avenues, but the day I discovered the jewellery industry, it was the “ah ha!” moment for me. I knew I found my calling. I started by studying at “l’école de joaillerie de Montréal” for three years, and then worked as a bench jeweller, and a production manager for some of the best names in the industry.  

In 2016, I had the honor of winning the well-known Saul Bell Design Awards, in the emerging artists’ category, which led me to be known and recognized as an artist in Canada, and throughout the United States.

Today, I took the leap to focus on my brand and my creative process. My inspiration stems from curating a selection of gemstones, embracing them with diamonds and gold, to create a fine balance which you can discover in my artwork. In fact, I believe that fine jewellery needs to express who you are. Each person is unique, and my pieces of jewellery are created with that in mind, as the play on balance rather then symmetry is a testament to the perfectly imperfect human being.

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