Custom Jewellery

We offer the exclusive service of creating a one of a kind piece of jewellery made for you, with you in mind. Please fill out the form below and our designer will contact you to create the jewellery you've always wanted. 

What to expect?

Step 1: Getting to know you!

Since we are working side by side, to create the jewellery piece of your dreams, we will have to understand your needs, your budget, but also what makes a piece of jewellery special to your eyes. Every detail is important! Once you fill out the form below, we will have a better idea of your needs and jewellery dreams. 

Step 2: Sourcing & Design

Once we have a better idea of your budget and needs, we can start sourcing gemstones or diamonds to suite your tastes. We work with Montreal & Canadian based suppliers, to find the perfect stones.

Then, Justine Quintal will personally work with you to design your dream piece of jewellery, by series of skeches. Once you approve the initial sketch, the design will be re-worked by computer, and we will send you a 3D realistic rendering, for you to approve.

Step 3: Production

From casting, to polishing and setting stones, a lot of attention to detail is required to deliver a quality piece of fine jewellery. To ensure that every jewel is made with the quality promised, we deal with small, family owned businesses, where skills are passed down from one generation to the other. Some of the greatest jewellery stores in Montreal also seek their expertise., which attests to their work's quality and accuracy.

Final step: Quality control and delivery to the customer

Since our main focus is not only the satisfaction of our customers, but also the quality of our products, a final quality control of your Justine Quintal jewel is done to guarantee it meets our high standards. By then, it is ready to be shipped to you in a beautiful dark blue jewellery box, accompanied by a beige pouch, both stamped with our gold logo.

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