Finding the Perfect Sapphire

Finding the Perfect Sapphire

As a passionate jewellery designer, finding the perfect sapphire for my pieces of jewellery is an exciting adventure. Gemstones hold a special place in my heart, igniting a range of emotions in the wearer with their colours, brilliance, and character. When I step into my gem dealer's office, I'm presented with a dazzling array of sparkling options. But how do I choose the right ones for my new creations?

Courtesy of Misfit Diamonds

Character & uniqueness: I love to customise my one-of-a-kind rings using sapphires or gemstones with exceptional character. I'm drawn to the "different" and unique options. After all, why settle for something ordinary when you can embrace something truly distinctive? I enjoy browsing gemstones from various suppliers until I stumble upon that one gem that completely captivates me.

Colours: Sapphires offer an awe-inspiring range of colours, from classic blues to vibrant yellows, pinks, purples, and greens. As someone who embraces unconventional choices, I often gravitate away from the typical blue shades, but once in a while, I go back to the classics. This vibrant palette gives me the ability to design rings and fine jewellery pieces that embody individuality and personal style. Each colour evokes a distinct mood, helping me craft pieces that resonate deeply with my client's desires and aspirations.

Cut above all: An often overlooked aspect is the importance of the cut in a gemstone. It plays a crucial role in how light interacts with it, determining its brilliance. A well-cut gem can mean going from dull to dazzling. The cut can also influence the display of colour. I prioritise gems with minimal or no windowing; so that there is no dead spot in the centre. This allows the gem to radiate with brilliance, showcasing its vibrant colour and shine.

Price: Price is a significant factor that influences my gemstone choices. I always try to consider my clients' preferences and offer well-priced yet uniquely beautiful engagement rings. It's important to balance affordability and quality to ensure that my creations appeal to my clientele and can be marketed successfully.

At the end of the day, selecting gemstones is a deeply personal choice. It may present challenges, but it's always an exhilarating journey. Join me in exploring my captivating world of sapphire engagement rings today.

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