How to determine your perfect ring size?

Before starting to shop for engagement rings, why not figure out your finger size first?

Your engagement ring is a beautiful symbol of love, passion and union for years to come. This is why it is important to know how to accurately measure your finger, before your partner pops the big question. How unfortunate would it be if your ring slid directly off your finger and on the floor, or even if it didn't fit you and couldn't go over your knuckle? This is why we have prepared a simple guide, in order to buy the right size. 


How should I determine my finger size, in the comfort of my own home?

A few options are availible to you!:

Since measuring your own finger, directly at home, isn't a perfect science, we highly suggest that you try more than one of these techniques in order to have a better idea of your perfect fit.


1) The paper strip technique:

Why not use paper as if it was your own "future" ring? Cut a strip of paper, approximately the width of your future engagement ring, and wrap it around your finger. Be careful not to make it too tight, or too loose, as it will directly impact the size you choose! Make sure also that you can pass over your knucles carefull. Use a pencil to note where the paper overlaps itself and remove it. If you measure the length of the edge to the line, you should be able to figure out the circomference of your finger. Check out the guide below to see what size would fit right for you. 


2) The ring technique

Do you already have a ring that fits you perfectly on your left-hand ring finger? You can use it as a reference for your new ring. Place it directly on a ruler, and check out it's interior diameter. With the guide below, you'll be able to see what size should fit you best!


3) Order a free sizing kit, directly to your home. 

Since e-commerce is more and more important, jewellery stores have to adapt themselves. That is why at Justine Quintal Fine Jewellery, we offer a free sizing kit. This set is the most accurate way to measure your finger.

To order this set, simply fill out this form and we will gladly ship one to you for free. 


Important info to take into consideration when finding that perfect size!:

Environment: The temperature has a large impact on our bodies, and our fingers can also swell or shrink depending on how hot or cold it is. In fact, in summer, or even when our bodies are warmer, fingers tend to swell a little bit. In winter  or when we are cold, our fingers tend to go back to their original shape.

Overall finger shape: Unfortunately, each finger is different! So keep in mind that your ring will need to pass through your knucle, and that if you want a midi ring, you will need to measure exacly where it will be worn. Since fingers are not little cylinders attached to our palms, we need to be extra carefulm with the measurements!


If everything fails know that ring sizings are an option

We understand that shopping online is difficult, that is why we offer one free sizing, in the first year after your purchase. Rest assured that the sizing process, if done by us, will not damage the ring in any way. Your piece of jewellery will still become a heirloom keepsake to pass on to future generations. 

If you need additional help with ring sizes, don't hesitate to send us a quick email at we are happy to help!

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