Alternative gemstones more unique than colorless diamonds

Alternative gemstones more unique than colorless diamonds

Everyone loves the traditional colorless diamond. Cut in round brilliant, princess, emerald cut or in other classic shapes, it will always be a perfect gemstone for an engagement ring. However, it may not feel “right” for you and that’s completely fine! Fortunately, there are multiple options that are more unique and may just be the right stone for you.



Starting with diamonds, there are champagne (or colored diamonds), or even salt and pepper diamonds that are great alternatives, like this ring here! Being the hardest material on the mohs scale, diamonds are always a great choice. If you want something different, choose alternative cuts, such as fancy step cuts, or even a diamond that has different colors or clarity characteristics that may just bring our your personality!


Colored gemstones

Sapphires are one of the best options in terms of natural colored gemstones. Not only ranking 9 on the mohs scale, meaning that they are very durable, they also come in the most exquisite colors and cut available today! In fact, sapphires come in (almost) all the colors of the rainbow. Meaning you can find the perfect gem that represents who you are, from yellow, to blue-green (as this ring), passing by padparadsha – a beautiful peachy pink color. All and all, they are perfect for your future engagement ring.

Did you know that rubies have the same chemical structure as sapphires? Their only main difference is the large presence of chromium, a trace element which colors the gemstone red. That being said, having the same hardness as sapphires, they are amazing to wear daily on your ring!


Spinels are also a favorite of mine. They have been ignored for years before finally becoming the second August birthstone, alongside peridot, but feature amazing array of colors, from bright reds (as this ring here!), purples (like this beauty), to grays and more. Did you know that their deep reds were often confused with rubies? In fact, the “Black Prince’s Ruby” that is set on the center of Queen Elizabeth’s crown, was thought to be a ruby for years before being confirmed a spinel! Being a bit less common, spinels can be a bit more affordable, especially the grayish gems. However, they always make wonderful rings.


There are also other gemstone alternatives, which may require a bit more attention such as morganites, tourmalines, or even tanzanites. All and all, it is important that you take into account your habits, if you are rough with your jewellery or not, and of course if you love the gemstone you are choosing!

Happy shopping!

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